MORE+Shackleless steel lock

MORE+Solid steel padlock

MORE+Armoured padlock

MORE+Rectangular padlock

MORE+Stainless Steel padlock

MORE+Shackle protected padlock

MORE+Disc mechanism padlock


        We are a manufacturer from Pujiang,zhejiang province and we have specialized in making padlocks since 1992,especially the special-shaped hardened solid steel lock series.our primary markets include Europe,the U.S.,Southeast Asia.……


  • Pujiang Valor Locking mainly product door lock, padlock, special type lock ,mainly export to the Europe, South America, and Southeast and Mid-east area.

  • Pujiang Valor Locking Co.,Ltd  have passed ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certificate.

  • Pujiang Valor Locking Co.,Ltd always insist on strict management, pay much attention to the innovation,introduced domestic and foreign advanced machinery equipment, so the quality of our products has been widely accepted and trusted by the customers.

  • Pujiang Valor Locking CO.,LTD will reply your inquiry and email within 24 hours! Service Hotline:Manger Tel:0086-579-84150798 ; Sales:0086-579-84257870 ; Fax:0086-579-84250270 

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